Philosophy of Writing – 17 – Mind Slice

Posted on October 30, 2012 by


Here is what I was listening to:

Here is what I wrote (excerpt from work-in-progress Ugly Ink):

I sit, flipping a coin, thumbnail to thumbnail, in the moonlight. As it arcs through the air it leaves a slime-trail of winking dew, points straight to where it will land and so I can catch it—again, over again, a hundred times over; it is a game I play with probability, forcing some bastards to lose important coin-tosses: their lives, their wives, a bet, a pound of frozen sardines—and as I sit I think on the nature of reliability as it relates to people and prophets.

I think upon the concept of hearsay as it applies to my speech because if I speak and my words are from a god then surely I cannot produce hearsay, only a first-tier source of knowledge, not even a communication at all but rather an index, like smoke from a fire—my existence points to gods and at the other end, the truth—so my words, an arrow with two heads, creating an indisputable immaterial link between gods and the truth; my words are therefore never hearsay only fact, except: I am not actually a god. I am not a manifestation, only an avatar, thus—prophets display aspects of holiness; you cannot know which of a prophet’s words are fact. Some of my words index the truth—Revelations—most do not.