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Best British Short Stories

July 6, 2022 by


I’ll be appearing for the first time in print October of this year, in this gorgeous volume by Salt Publishing. Available for preorder here.

The Rising Filth – excerpt

October 13, 2020 by


one Bilge light drips into her eyes from between the lanes of the overpass. The sun’s right over her face. She rolls into the shade so she can go back to sleep. Her cardboard bed crackles against the concrete. She hates being awake. She dreams of white white rooms with clean sheets that smell like […]

A Story from a Grimoire of a Religion that Doesn’t Exist

April 21, 2019 by


I. “Watch,” said the old man. The tree bowed, uncertain of his authority. The old man smiled, and laid down his cane. His daught-pitr was buried here and her children, and their children, and on for many subsequent generations. They had been buried in the ashes of their parents, on and on, for ten generations […]

Novel Excerpt: To walk in perilous paths

August 28, 2018 by


~~~ I’m happy to announce this excerpt has won me a fellowship with Summer Literary Seminars for their 2019 programme in Tbilisi, Georgia, through their annual fiction competition. Follow my posts for updates! ~~~ 0. Overedge Memory is flawed and reality is rotten; through the holes in one we forget the other—but even when a […]

Philosophy of Writing – 22 – Drought

August 1, 2015 by


Constantly, like an event of weather or a movement of the stars, I will open a screen like this and tell myself that the blog hasn’t been written in for a long time and there’s no way to keep it alive, even though I love it, without posting. I can preen the links and pick the […]

Speculative Microfiction

April 2, 2015 by


Under the leaves the Beast waits singing Oh Joy to the Blood to the Keening the Pain Under the Rain the Feast waits gleaming, lost in the Forest preening dirt from his breathing Beast cleans the Feast from her Teeth red with bleeding, waits near the Nest she saw fall from the Stars ‘Til somewhere […]

Work-In-Progress Excerpt

March 14, 2015 by


This is the piece I’ll be working on during Disquiet International under the tutelage of my friend and literary hero Alexander Chee. I recently started drafting the second segment of the novel, and thought I’d share a bit of it with you. WINTER She fills the scratches in the bark with dulled fingertips, her face taken away […]

Book Review: “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro

January 17, 2015 by


Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro My rating: 5 of 5 stars Ishiguro writes literary fiction layered heavily over a solid sci-fi plot that shines through only faintly–which is why he’s such a literary darling, and one of my favourite authors. “Never Let Me Go” captured my childhood exactly: I went to a British […]

Philosophy of Writing – 21 – The Worst Kind of Feedback

September 16, 2013 by


I don’t ask for constructive criticism; I ask for honesty. It’s my prerogative and responsibility to sort the useful feedback from the rest. A bit of advice: if you expect a specific type of return, you’ll be disappointed. But there’s feedback that makes me utterly wretched, you too — when it skips over useful and […]

Philosophy of Writing – 20 – Plotto

April 25, 2013 by


I am friends with a few people of the professional writerly persuasion (the sort of people I can’t be close friends with because I’m in awe of them a bit too much and sometimes I’m terrified of sucking-up even though I don’t think I’m sucking up — anyway, you didn’t start reading this to hear even […]