Guess the Film, Win a Prize (Hints in Post)

Posted on April 7, 2011 by


Drawing for prizes will take place on May 1st.

Please note that there are so few entries, the next SIX people who get the answer right are guaranteed a prize.

I’m not kidding when I said I’d give you a prize if you told me the name of the film that produced this still:

FIRST PRIZE (one winner): I’ll send you your very own signed print copy of “Maybe and the Wolf”, hot off the presses.
SECOND PRIZE (three winners): A brief, honest review of your book, plus an ebook copy of “Maybe”.
THIRD PRIZE (five winners): An ebook copy of “Maybe”.

And finally:

GRAND PRIZE (one winner): I’ll critique one chapter of your book in depth — up to 6,000 words. This includes copyediting, editing for content, advice — everything you could ever want in a critique. You’ll also get an ebook copy of “Maybe”.

To enter, tweet or blog about the contest, and comment on this post with your answer and a link to your tweet or blog. Brownie points if you’ve ever watched the film and you tell me what you thought. I might even give you something cool.

Winners will be chosen randomly from people who get the right answer. Please note that I won’t be publishing your comments with answers until after the contest is over.

Everyone who enters will have the opportunity to be in the loop — first to know about press releases, cool stuff like cover design, and may even be snail-mailed promo freebies, which, considering what I’m planning, is TOTES JUSTIFICATION for entering. If you would like us to keep in touch, just let me know in your entry comment.

HINT 1: Think art-house.
HINT 2: Try to guess who the quite famous chap in the background is. He was born in Northern Ireland and went to uni at Cambridge.
HINT 3: Filmed on location in Berlin, before the Berlin Wall fell.