The Home Stretch

Posted on April 5, 2011 by


The end of my first draft is approaching the same way an ocean steamer moves through water. I’m in a little wooden dinghy — white, with a blue stripe and red underneath, the dinghy my grandpa made with his own two hands, in case you’re wondering — watching this monster cut smoothly towards me, and I have to say, I feel at peace with myself. A little intimidated, anticipatory. Lead weight in my gut, but that just anchors me down nicely.

This is my first novel. This novel is getting published. The publishing process fell on me like a pallet of bricks — a story I will share with you later. My publisher apparently has very high hopes for me.

Pressure, much? But like I said, it’s a good pressure. I hope it sells.

So I want to hear from you guys. I want to get to know you. I need friends, as many as I can get.

Where are you in your drafts, in your life? How’re you doin’?