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Quick Note About Identity

May 5, 2013 by


‘Sup. I’ve called myself straight my entire life, and I wasn’t lying. I’ve had girl-crushes on girls (a total of two so far, one in secondary school and one in college) – by girl-crushes I mean the kind of worshipping admiration that little girls feel for older girls. It wasn’t sexual, which I know because […]

Comorbidity — More Uncomfortable Honesty

April 23, 2013 by


~~~written a few weeks ago, unfinished~~~ It seems like the anxiety disorder spectrum is a buffet, and when I get a spoonful of the orange chicken it always has pieces of fried rice in it. Yesterday, I stopped allowing myself to freely pick my lips. Normally: I lick them, to check how rough they are, […]

Turns Out I’m Totally Bugshit

January 20, 2013 by


When I was in college, my stepmother crushed a cat’s skull with a hammer. He was my father’s cat, and his name was Harvey. My dad went on walks with Harvey through the long grass in the land behind their house. He was a beautiful, sweet, intelligent cat. I held him on my lap as […]

So, “Skyfall” Made Me Sick to My Stomach

December 2, 2012 by


Before I saw Skyfall I happened to read this post [edit: alas, link is gone] about it by my favourite ecrivante roué (and source of many things feminist) Sarah McCarry. I didn’t think much of it – surely Sarah’s claim that a pretty woman is killed just to make a joke about whiskey was somewhat exaggerated? […]

Internal Landscapes

June 16, 2012 by


I wring my hands when distressed, occasionally so much that I rub the skin raw. The world will, at times, end. There will be no rope to follow anywhere, nowhere to go, nothing to do – no good left in it, no bad. I sit and stare and shake. I’m mute, and I wring my […]

Black Bean & Egg Bowl Recipe – for NeetyNeet

December 2, 2011 by


1. Empty a can of black beans into a saucepan, and add: – 1-2 tbsp dried shallot/onion – big pinch garlic powder – salt, to taste – 2 pinches oregano – big pinch epazote (if you have it) – small pinch cayenne – splash of juice: orange, lime, apple, anything with a little bit of […]

Pithy & Intelligent Blog Post I Promised to You, My Dear Readers.

April 19, 2011 by


Muh bluh bluh bluh muh. SORRY My main character is gone a wee bit batty (per schedule) but I’m trying to get exactly the tone I want for each chapter. I will be back soon, I promise to you. In the meanwhiletime, here is a (NSFW) video I don’t understand. It’s AMAZING