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Welcome! I am offering all of my services free to Black writers, forever. If you would like any of the following services for free, please contact me! I would love to hear from you. Please ignore any booking restrictions mentioned below. They do not apply to you.


For all other services, I’m accepting referrals only. Please get in touch to check future availability!



I’m an adult-market slipstream writer. I interned at a prestigious New York literary agency for over a year, and have been a freelance editor for more than 15 years. I attend the Turkey City professional writer’s workshop (an invitation-only SFF workshop with a record of attendees that includes Bruce Sterling, Christopher Brown, William Gibson, Lisa Tuttle, and George R.R. Martin), am a 2015 graduate of the Disquiet International Literary Program, was a fellow at the 2019 SLS workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia, and am an attendee of Witch Craft Magazine’s TEXTURES fiction workshop in 2020 and 2021.


To get a sense of my thought process as an editor, you might like to read a post from my “How to Edit Fiction” series.

All of my services are priced at $40.00 per hour, except book coaching. All prices are in USD. My native currency is GBP, however, so this is how I prefer to be paid if convenient. If I’m editing in depth, I’ll typically be able to edit 10 pages per hour.

Please note that I unfortunately cannot guarantee that my services will result in success in the traditional publishing world. (Honestly? Anyone who promises this is probably a fraud who just wants your money.) My only goal is to help you improve your work and add to your skill as a writer.



I provide everything you need to write your book from start to finish. I’ll cover how to plot and pace your fiction and will help you craft an outline that will give you confidence every time you sit down to write, so you can avoid the dreaded blank page. I’ll teach you how to capture and keep a reader’s attention through compelling characters. I’ll teach you what an arc is, and why they’re so important to readers (even if readers don’t know it). I’ll also help you craft lyrical, elegant sentences through linguistic layering, a technique I use in my own writing.

For $80.00 per week, you get:

  • Gentle, encouraging critique on up to 20 double-spaced pages.
  • Exercises and worksheets that I tailor to suit you and your writing process.
  • A masterclass in planning: outlines, character sheets, etc.
  • A 30 minute conference call every two weeks to discuss your work, plan ahead, and talk about how the programme is working for you.
  • An editor who becomes familiar with your style and your goals, who truly cares about your career, and who is emotionally invested in your success.
  • A comprehensive plan for our work together. We’ll discuss your goals, make a schedule to ensure you meet them, and set a date for accomplishing them. I’m not interested in making a client dependent on my advice!

Clients referred here through Author Accelerator get 20% off, forever! Please use the contact form below to get in touch!



This service is best suited to authors who have polished their manuscript from a creative standpoint, but who would like to tidy up the technical details. I copyedit all fiction or narrative non-fiction manuscripts.

This package includes:

  • Spelling/grammar correction
  • Typographical correction/proofing (erroneous spaces, extra punctuation, typos, odd layouts)
  • Factual queries (basic fact-checking)
  • A style-sheet to make sure your stylistic choices remain consistent

Bear in mind that both of my copyediting services cover errors only and not matters of style or opinion. If you would like me to follow a particular style guide (e.g. Strunk & White), please be sure to mention which one!

Please note that my own website and my writing samples follow my personal preferences and do not follow any particular style guides. I edit according to the tastes/preferences of my clients!

Copyedits take 10-15 business days to complete. Please get in touch using the contact form below for a quote or to request a sample.



This package includes my basic copyediting service. In addition, I will highlight and comment on (but not fix) problematic passages that contain errors of writing craft, including:

  • Clumsy repetition
  • Awkward sentence structure
  • Passages that break narrative convention in an unskilled way

If you would like me to follow a particular style guide (e.g. Strunk & White), please be sure to mention which one!

Please note that my own website and my writing samples follow my personal preferences and do not follow any particular style guides. I edit according to the tastes/preferences of my clients!

Copyedit-plus jobs take 20-25 business days to complete. Please get in touch using the contact form below for a quote or to request a sample.



My specialties are:

  • Speculative fiction (all fantasy and sci-fi, slipstream, cyberpunk, steampunk, new weird, magical realism, etc.)
  • Literary/upmarket
  • Short story collections
  • Experimental/Prose-poetry/Avant-garde/Metafiction
  • Speculative romance (paranormal romance, urban fantasy with romantic emphasis, etc.)

I am experienced in:

  • Romance
  • Memoir
  • Thrillers
  • Women’s fiction

I also edit:

  • Mass market
  • Historical fiction
  • Narrative nonfiction
  • Erotica

I find in-depth editing challenging and rewarding. I love beautiful language, and as such my service includes a close look at sentence-level writing.

I recommend this service for writers who are unsure about their craft and would like to have the benefit of a sharp editorial eye, but who prefer not to commit to book coaching. This service does focus on one manuscript, but my ultimate aim is to make your writing more artful, more appealing, and better overall.

My standard in-depth editing service includes:

  • My standard copyediting service: spelling, grammar, typos, basic fact-checking.
  • Line editing: I’ll draw your attention to awkward phrasing, inappropriate word choice, stylistic inconsistencies, and other concerns at the sentence and paragraph level, and will make suggestions about how to tighten and improve your writing. I’ll weed out POV (point of view) errors, tense switching, and purple prose (flowery description).
  • Characters: I’ll edit to help you ensure that your characters are interesting, psychologically believable, and have depth.
  • Theme: What are you conveying to your readers overall? What images occur throughout your writing? I’ll edit to make sure that your book accurately represents the themes you want it to.
  • Plot: I’ll point out plot holes, errors in pacing, and help you keep readers turning the page.
  • Developmental: if your manuscript is in development, I’ll help you brainstorm plot, character, setting, and pacing. I’ll comment with an eye towards the development of your career, not just your current work in progress.
  • Substantive: I’ll help you edit towards a clean, readable, artful piece. I can’t promise representation or a sale, but I can promise happier readers.

Some notes on my in-depth service:

  • I won’t ghost-write your book for you; I’m only here to correct errors and to make suggestions.
  • Subsequent revisions of the same manuscript will be much less expensive!

Edits will normally take 20-40 business days to complete, depending on the length of the manuscript. This service is for adult-market manuscripts only. If you are considering an in-depth edit, be aware that I might suggest book coaching instead, as this service is better suited to involved and detailed editing. Please get in touch using the contact form below for a quote or to request a sample.



Contact me below to discuss availability of services I haven’t mentioned above, including:

  • Beta reading (reading a manuscript as if I’d bought it in a bookstore and giving you my thoughts)
  • Reader’s reports (a formal book report used internally by literary agents and publishing houses that details an expert reader’s reaction to various aspects of the craft of the book)
  • Short stories/novellas
  • Editing for artists (painters, photographers, sculptors, collage artists, illustrators, jewelers, etc.), craftsmen (objets d’art, bath/beauty products, etc.), or musicians: I am open to exchanges. Please contact me!
  • Editing for nonprofits/charities: if I can complete the job in time and I support your cause, I’ll work for you pro bono.
  • Query letter and submission help for the adult market — Please do research before requesting this service, as there is a huge amount of free information online about how to query agents. I recommend you begin your search here, at Query Shark, written by agent Janet Reid. Please follow the instructions on her site for reading/understanding her posted material. If you still need someone to walk you through the process, I’m here!



  • Middle Grade: I can’t accept MG clients for any service except copyediting. I’d be a terrible substantive/developmental editor for the MG market, as I have no relevant experience.
  • Any service for manuscripts not in British or American English.
  • Typesetting or formatting.
  • Any service for poetry. I love it, but I’m a poetry amateur.
  • Advice on the sale/marketing/publishing of indie/self-published works. All of my indie publishing advice is free and should be considered woefully inexpert.
  • I cannot share information with you about the internal workings of any organisation I’m affiliated with, or have been affiliated with in the past. Please don’t ask me to.
  • I will refuse to work on a piece at my own discretion if it expresses racist, transphobic, ableist, queerphobic, or misogynistic sentiments. This is a self-care measure on my part; I am a disabled queer nonbinary femme and I have limited energy. I prefer to enjoy my work.


For all editing services and enquiries, please use the contact form below.

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