How to Edit Fiction – XIII – Createing Likable Characters!! (April Fools’ post)

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This is an April Fools’ post. While most of the basic ideas are good (fill out your characters, write what you know) the April-Fools’-Day me is kind of dumb and doesn’t know what these sage bits of advice really mean. Please only read this post as satire!



I hope you like my gorgeous faeyrie. Isn’t she pretty?? She’s so beautiful and free.

This post is for any of my fans who are thinking, hey! what about me? I don’t like editing!! I totally agree, and I want to make you feel welcome here because I know you probably want to see writing tips and not just bla bla bla all about ediitng, right? Well this post is for you!!!

So I guess we should call this How to Edit Write Fiction!

Okay I thought the best way to do this is to give you a list of my
Top Ten Ways to Make Aweomse Characters!!! 

Sounds cool, right?? Okay, here we goooooooooooo!

10. Write what you know! … we ALL want to be a better person, and 2 do better in life. We ALL want people to treat us the way we treat them. But we also want things like, our crush to notice us! Why won’t they look our way, right??? 😉 Good characters come from inside, from what’s real about YOU. Write about the things you know (and maybe about what you want!!!)

9. Fill out your characters. … some writers dont take the time to write enough abt how their characters got to be where they are. I want to know more. if I’m reading you’re story and I don’t know things like, what kind of chocolate the girl like’s best, or what school she go’s too, that is something i want to know!! If I don’t know why the guy likes the girl then I really need to!!!!! Bad girls cuss some, I hate it when I read a girl who’s supposed a be a rock chic and she doesn’t cuss! *BUT some ppl dont like some words* so maybe just use words like damn (excuse mee!!!) also I can’t picture a kiss in my head unless I know what he’s wearing!! (yum…

8. S-e-x … do we need to see it? Maybe in some fiction novels. Maybe not in others. think abt it very carefully before you write scenes. Maybe you’re readers only want to see a little, not alot

7. I want to believe in them. … okay if I’m going to LOVE the main guy I need to believe that he’s going to love the girl…I need to kno that he’s watching over her n will protect her…but from what?? If there isn’t anything wrong with her life, why is he trying to protect her??? these are the things i need to know before I can believe in them.

6. write like you’re favs … so I loved Goosebumps so much when I was little! (I kno what you’re thinking…no way! It’s true!!) and I wrote lots of scary storeys to tell my friends about ghosts and murderers. i scared them so much, my friend from 8th grade wet her pants at camp…we laughed soooooo much…ANYWAY! i love RL Stine even now! Even tho I love other things so much better, like, uh duhhh, TWILIGHT, i still use things I learned from him when I write. Always try to imitate the WRITERS U LOVE. u’ll get so much better! I did.

5. make you’re characters FUN … Omg, I can’t tell you how many times I’m reading a story from someone else and it’s really sad coz all there characters are mean and horrible people. I said why did you write it like this and she was all It makes them interesting. Uh, no it didn’t. YOU NEED A HERO. one bad-guy ONLY!!!! And even if theres lots of bad-guys like an army or whatever, DONT MAKE EVERYONE ELSE BORING. Characters need to have fun! To joke around with each other. like play practical jokes! Or fight with each other, ESPECIALLY…, the main two! It’s so adorable and cute, because you just KNOW there going to be together…aww!!!!!

4. Ur villains should be really bad … You know some mean people, right? Just like before, make your bad-guys or villains or whatever like the baddys you know in RL! it will make them sooooooo much more realistic. Like if you’re mom locks you in your room then make a bad-guy lock youre heroin in a cell and NEVER COME OUT! (until the hero rescues her, duh, LOL) use what you could of experienced IRL except worse.

3. How do they talk?? … So if he loves her hes gonna say all this cute sweety stuff. DONT DO what I have seen soooo many times, which is, DONT MAKE IT SO SHORT. I mean i’ve read like 200 pages of stuff and then finally they kiss and         NOTHING! like two sentences. WHAT?? what is that. He would say so much more! And if she has a BFF and shes talking to her about how the bad-guy is comeing SHE SHOULD BE SCARED. Like…, she shouldnt just of “said”, she should of “screamed” or “yelled”!!

2. WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE??? … This is the worst. I can’t know ANYTHING abt anyone if i don’t know what they look like! Jeesh!!! do it really early like FIRST page, so I know! I cant picture them in my head if I don’t know!

~’~,~~@ the most important thing is…, @’~~,~~

1. HAVE FUN!!! i can always tell when a author isn’t haveing fun. So do whats best for your characters and HAVE LOADS OF FUN WRITTING!!!!!!!

I hope u enjoyed my Top Ten Ways to Make Awesome Characters! See you next week!!!